Compassion Outreach Ministries of Ohio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving central Ohio. We provide support and assistance for victims of human trafficking, drug abuse and those immersed in poverty.

COMO Recovery

Is a long term, faith-based, residential recovery program offering a 18-month process of healing for people struggling with addiction or those hopeless in spirit. Through a strong and healthy recovery community and by providing tools in the path to health the program fosters growth into wholeness and health. For more information call/text (614) 306-6169 or use the Pre-Interview Questions for COMO Recovery Program in the sidebar.

THREE: Women’s Drop In Center

Provides a safe environment to build trust with women that are sexually exploited. Through offering a meal, clothes, a place to shower and non judgmental care we build the trust needed to offer an alternative lifestyle and crisis intervention if and when they choose to get out of their current situation.

TWO: Men’s Drop In Center

A non-judgemental place where men can come in and receive basic needs and resources to cultivate life change and a path out of their current environment.

Community Support

C.O.M.O. also provides a Crisis Room (a safe place to detox and make decisions for sobriety up to 2 weeks), Family Recovery Meeting, C.O.M.O. Kids, and a Furniture Bank for those who do not have the resources to begin again.