Como Recovery is a faith-based program offering a long term process of healing for people struggling with addiction or those hopeless in spirit. All that is asked of prospective participants is a sincere willingness to change. The goal of the program is to foster growth into wholeness and health.

Why we do it:

We believe that God can and will transform people beyond superficial change and God will provide an identity beyond addiction.

The Process:

The recovery program operates within a three-phase framework: Induction, the Journey Inward, and the Journey Outward. The core of the process is a structured life of daily and weekly rhythms residents are expected to adopt during all phases of the program.

Phase One: Induction

The initial phase of the program, or Induction, lasts 40 days. During this phase, individual needs are assessed, the program’s structure is established in the participant’s life and basic coping skills are introduced.  The environment provided is safe and free from all distractions. During Induction there are no phone calls or visits. This time is critical to our participants to allow the “fog” to lift so they may begin to think clearly in order to progress in the program.

Phase Two: The Journey Inward

The second phase of the program begins after the initial 40 days and may last twelve to fourteen months. The goal of the journey inward is to discover habitual or addictive thought processes, patterns, and behaviors that lead to soul-damaging character defects. This phase is front loaded with a variety of coping skills necessary for the journey inward. We also introduce a biblical view of the traditional 12 steps. The focus during this phase is acceptance, surrender, willingness and self-discovery. External scaffolding is also important to support the internal work. Two valuable external support structures include family and physical work. Participants begin to reconnect with family through weekly phone calls or visitation.  Regular participation in work projects and community service help the participants feel productive and accomplished, a universal need we have found helpful in the recovery process.

Phase Three: The Journey Outward

 The third phase of the program begins after acceptance, surrender, willingness and self discovery have all taken place. Understanding that individuals learn and heal at different rates, this phase begins no sooner than 12 months after beginning the program and can last as long as forward progress and willingness remain. The journey outward is the journey back to a healthy and productive life. The focus during this phase includes, but is not limited to, basic life skills, self maintenance, and healthy work habits.